Supported Decision-Making Process and Participant Outcomes Evaluation

Goal 3 State Plan
State Plan: Goal 3 Objective 2






Project Status: Active


Grantee:   Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University

Funding Amount:  $100,000 per year

Grant period:  04/2019 - 03/2021



To conduct a comprehensive evaluation of SDMNY, including assessing the pilots and educational campaign, to determine the strengths of the program and assess replicability. The outcome of this DDPC initiative is to demonstrate that supported decision-making is a functioning alternative to surrogate decision-making and should be exhausted prior to anyone seeking, or being granted, guardianship over an individual with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). The goal will be to expand the models statewide and to serve as a model for other states exploring issues of guardianship.



Supported decision-making is a model that provides people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities with the individualized supports and services necessary to make informed decisions. Supported decision-making emphasizes that the majority of individuals with disabilities, even those with significant disabilities, have the ability and the right to make important decisions impacting their lives. This evaluation will uncover the outcomes of the SDMNY model for individuals with IDD and be used to improve the model for statewide expansion.