Statewide LGBTQ+ Trainings for the DD Field

State Plan: Goal 2 Community and Social Living, Objective 3: Formal and Informal Community Supports


Grantee:                     National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP)

Funding Amount:      $150,000 per year

Grant Period:             07/2021 to 06/2024


WHY IS THIS NEEDED? LGBTQ+ individuals with IDD experience additional barriers and challenges in the service delivery system.



As part of this 3-year initiative, NADSP will develop an LGBTQ training for IDD support staff (i.e. care managers), conduct statewide outreach and hold regional trainings related to supporting LGBTQ individuals with IDD. NADSP will coordinate trainings and implement educational opportunities that focus on increasing staff capacity to work with individuals with IDD who identify as LGBTQ. Planned events will include informational and/or educational sessions, forums, organization presentations, and opportunities for interactive engagement from individuals with IDD and direct support staff.