Quick Guides: Tools for Independence and Daily Living

State Plan: Goal 1 Objective 1
State Plan: Goal 1; Objective 2






Project Status: Active


Grantee: Welfare Research Inc. (WRI)

Funding Amount: $100,000 per year

Grant Period: 07/2020 – 06/2023



Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are living more independently and in community-based settings. One indication of this shift is evidenced within the service delivery system, which has experienced an increase in enrollment in community-respite, residential, day, employment, and self-direction supports and services in recent years. As the service delivery system undergoes a wider transformation and as more individuals with IDD are living in the community, there is a need to address barriers to independent living.



With input from individuals and professionals from the IDD community, this grant will create a Quick Guide: Tools for Independence series focused on 4 major areas of daily living: (1) My Self (2) My Home (3) My Job (4) My Community. Quick Guides are brief (no longer than 1-2 pages) reference documents that are designed to help their user build skills to complete a set of tasks. Complementary to the Quick Guide series, the grantee will be developing a set of trainings that will assist individuals with IDD with the tasks identified in the Quick Guides.