Housing Resources for Independent Living

The New York State (NYS) Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC) is announcing an opportunity to fund one grantee up to $720,000 ($240,000 per year, for 3 years) to develop a comprehensive online repository of information on non-certified housing options available for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The grantee will also provide education to families and caregivers on housing information and the range of non-certified housing options. Depending on grantee performance and Full Council approval, the DDPC will explore an additional 2-years of funding during the third year of this contract.

Today, individuals with IDD are increasingly living more independently and in community-based settings. One indication of this shift is evidenced within the service delivery system, which has experienced an increase in enrollment in community-respite, residential, day, employment, and self-direction supports and services in recent years.

However, even though people have more housing choices, many providers in New York State still only have Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) certified residences in their housing portfolio leading family members and caregivers to believe that certified settings are the only and best option for housing supports and services for their loved ones. While certified settings do work for many individuals with IDD, there is not a one-size fits all solution and there is a need for increased knowledge about non-certified housing options. The need for independent living opportunities is further exemplified when looking at national data on adults with IDD and their current living arrangements. Currently, around 75 percent of adults with IDD in this country live with a parent or other caregiver. In addition, nearly one million households in this country have a caregiver over the age of 60.  Aging parents and caregivers worry about what will happen to their loved ones when they are gone, and they are no longer able to support them.


Important Dates:

  • Contract Term - January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2025
  • Closing Date for Questions - April 15, 2022
  • Questions and answers posted - April 20, 2022
  • Proposal Due Date - Friday, May 13, 2022, 3:00 PM


Designated Contact / Issuing Officer

DDPC has assigned a Program Planner as the Designated Contact / Issuing Officer for this project. The Program Planner or a designee shall be the sole point of contact regarding the Request for Proposal (RFP) from the date of issuance of the RFP until the issuance of the Notice of Award letter. To avoid being deemed non-responsive, an applicant is restricted from contacting any other personnel of the DDPC regarding the RFP. Certain findings of non-responsibility can result in rejection for a contract award. The Issuing Officer for this RFP is:

Program Planner

Jackie Hayes 


[email protected]


Eligibility requirements:
All applicants must be a registered Vendor in the NYS Statewide Financial System (SFS). Proposals received from eligible applicants who have not been registered will be disqualified from further consideration. 

*Please Note: On-Line Submission Required in the Grants Gateway System (GGS).*