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NYSDDPC Grant Funding
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Project Funding Overview

The Developmental Disabilities Planning Council provides funding for the development and implementation of demonstration projects in New York State. These projects are developed by the Council in response to identified needs of individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, and are required to fulfill one or more goals within the DDPC State Plan.

Projects are funded through two types of funding processes:

Competitive Bidding Process

Competitive bidding process is the most commonly used funding process. There are four main steps to this process:

  1. The Council develops an idea for a demonstration project which fits goals and objectives in the DDPC State Plan.
  2. The idea is developed into a funding motion which is voted on by the Council
  3. If approved, a request for proposal is developed and made available to the public
  4. Submitted project proposals are reviewed and graded based upon how well the proposed project is likely to accomplish the goals identified in the request for proposal. Those proposals which score the highest are awarded a grant.

Sole-Source Project Funding

Although not common, there are sometimes instances when only one organization is capable of fulfilling the goals of a particular demonstration project. This may be the case when an organization owns the intellectual property rights (patent or copyright) to a product that is required to complete a given project, or when an organization possesses highly specialized capacity and capabilities that are not available anywhere else; in this instance, the DDPC may fund a grantee without using the competitive bid process.

Sole-source funding is carefully and thoroughly audited by the NYS Office of the State Comptroller. State agencies seeking to use sole-source funding must provide a valid reason for not using the competitive bid process.

Council Review and Approval

Regardless of which type of funding process is used, the Council Membership must review and approve every dollar spent on project funding.

Project Funding Announcements

NYSDDPC Funding Announcements may be found here.