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Below is a list of DDPC forms and instructions. If you have questions or comments regarding these documents, please do not hesitate to contact the DDPC at (800) 395-3372 or email us at:

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出版物資助資訊表 (Publication Funding,Traditional Chinese)

出版物资助资讯表 (Publication Funding, Simplified Chinese)

Hoja de Información sobre la Financiación de la Publicación (Publication Funding, Spanish)

Информация о финансировании публикации (Publication Funding, Russian)

간행물 자금 정보 (Publication Funding, Korean)

Informazioni sui finanziamenti pubblici (Publication Funding, Italian)

Enfòmasyon sou Finansman Piblikasyon (Publication Funding, Haitian Creole)

Financiación de Traducciones a Otros Idiomas (Language Translation Funding Document, Spanish)

語言翻譯資助 (Language Translation Funding Document, Traditional Chinese)

语言翻译资助 (Language Translation Funding Document, Simplified Chinese)

Финансирование перевода документов (Language Translation Funding Document, Russian)

언어 번역 자금 조달 (Language Translation Funding Document, Korean)

Finanziamento per le traduzioni (Language Translation Funding Document, Italian)

Finansman pou Tradiksyon Lang (Language Translation Funding Document, Haitian Creole)

資訊自由法 (FOIL) 請求 (FOIL Request, Traditional Chinese)

Solicitudes de la Ley de Libertad de Información (FOIL) (FOIL Request, Spanish)

资讯自由法 (FOIL) 请求 (FOIL Request, Simplified Chinese)

Запросы по закону о свободе информации (FOIL Request, Russian)

정보자유법(FOIL) 요청 (FOIL Request, Korean)

Richieste per la Legge sulla libertà di informazione (FOIL) (FOIL Request, Italian)

Demann Lwa sou Libète Enfòmasyon (FOIL) (FOIL Request, Haitian Creole)

成為DDPC會員 (Council Member Application, Traditional Chinese)

Sea miembro (Council Member Application, Spanish)

成为DDPC会员 (Council Member Application, Simplified Chinese)

ФОРМА ЗАЯВЛЕНИЯ НА ВСТУПЛЕНИЕ В ЧЛЕНЫ СОВЕТА (Council Member Application Form, Russian)

위윈회 위원 신청서 (Council Member Application Form, Korean)

Modulo di Candidatura a Membro del Consiglio (Council Member Application Form, Italian)

Fòmilè Aplikasyon Pou Vin Manm Konsèy La (Council Member Application Form, Haitian Creole)

Council Member Application Form

The New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC) was established to help New Yorkers with intellectual and developmental disabilities by supporting programs necessary to achieve personal independence, community integration, and increased productivity through federal grant funding. Council members are appointed by the Governor and perform an integral role in the DDPC's funding initiatives because they bring experience with services, supports, and their community to the table. The DDPC is always looking for individuals and family members who would like to bring their life experience and talent to the table and serve on the Council. If you are interested in becoming a DDPC Council Member, please complete this application form and return it according to the instructions. Please note that this is a fillable PDF. You may open and complete the form in Adobe Acrobat; please print, sign, and date the form before mailing.

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