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DDPC Staff

Vicky Hiffa, Acting Executive Director – [email protected]

Jesse Kendall, Chief Fiscal Officer – [email protected]

Bharti Arora, Contract Management Specialist - [email protected]

Lucie Benvenuto, Program Aide - [email protected]

Jennifer Goldman, Federal Liaison - [email protected]

Kimberly Berg, Program Planner for Individuals and Families Committee (IFC) – [email protected]

Jackie Hayes, Program Planner for Community and Systems Change Committee (CSCC) – [email protected]

Viktoriia Borsuk, Research Specialist for IFC – [email protected]

Kay Broughton, Research Specialist for IFC – [email protected]

Drew Webster, Research Specialist for CSCC – [email protected]

Kanisha Parfait, Excelsior Fellow - [email protected]

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