A message from our executive director

“With guidance and leadership from our council members and continued commitment of our staff, we were proud to see advances in several key areas in 2022 for people with developmental disabilities. With the continued support of our council, agency partners, grantees and our dedicated DDPC staff, we are looking forward to another year of promise and progress in 2023.”

- Vicky Hiffa, DDPC Executive Director


2022 by the Numbers

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We represent and advance YOUR voice
As a direct result of our supported decision-making (SDM) pilot project, legislation was enacted during the 2022 legislative session to recognize supported decision-making as a less restrictive alternative to guardianship.  
We supported 8 new advocacy initiatives, run and led by people with developmental disabilities and their families, as well as supported non-profit organizations, to enhance advocacy opportunities. One grantee, the Alliance for Families with Developmental Needs, coordinated more than 10 advocacy-focused workshops and peer events, engaging over 250 Chinese-American parents.   
Our grantee, Sinergia hosted the APPLE Academy to increase the advocacy of Spanish speaking families and caregivers of people with disabilities. Participants worked to develop skills to advocate on their own behalf and on behalf of their children with developmental disabilities.


A photo of participants in APPLE Acedemy

“Ahora me siento mas segura y con mas conocimientos sobre los derechos de mi hija y me siento mas segura al comunicarme con los profesores, terapeutas y todo el equipo de la escuela para pedir mas servicios para mi hija.”

I now feel more confident and knowledgeable about my daughter's rights and feel more confident communicating with teachers, therapists and the entire school team to request more services for my daughter.

-Participant Quote

We develop groundbreaking projects to create REAL change
We funded TechLaunch to provide youth with developmental disabilities with career exploration opportunities in information technology.



We funded the Office for New Americans’ (ONA) Ramirez June Initiative to improve new Americans' access to disability resources, information and services. This initiative is a first of its kind in the nation and reached 70 family members and 180 other stakeholders this year.
We supported the NY Unified Court System to train Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC) staff to improve mediation and conflict coaching services to people with developmental disabilities.  They trained 170+ CDRC volunteers and staff and served 140+ people with developmental disabilities and their families in various disputes.

“Thank you for that AMAZING presentation. The heartfelt stories were engaging as well as informative! I learned so much from today’s presentation and hope you will consider coming back! It is so important for our audience to hear stories directly from our credible messengers (those who lived the experiences).”

- Participant Quote


We promote choice and independence in ALL facets of community life
We continued to collaborate with the NY Alliance to connect people with developmental disabilities to inclusive living options, meeting their needs and preferences. Over three years, NY Alliance supported the successful transition of 26 people to new housing arrangements. To read a report on this initiative, click the button below.


NY Alliance Housing Report

“We work for the people we serve and if we aren’t going to support them in becoming the best version of themselves then new team members need to be identified.”

- Master Housing Navigator


We funded Self-Advocacy Association of NYS’ (SANYS) TechKnowledgeMe project to create resources and trainings to help people with developmental disabilities use technology, including videos featuring self-advocates, on how to effectively join and participate in videoconferences or online events. 


SANYS TechKnowledgeMe

“This is a wonderful resource for people. Thank you for putting the work into this. Awesome that you have identified this and are proactively making technology easier for all to access.” 

-Participant Quote


We supported the Kelberman Center to provide social opportunities for people with disabilities living in rural and urban areas with high rates of poverty. 
Special Projects
Willowbrook Documentary

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the expose on Willowbrook and the resulting seismic changes in the developmental disabilities system, DDPC created a video series called ‘The Path Forward: Remembering Willowbrook’ from a collection of interviews, including an interview with Geraldo Rivera and Bernard Carabello

COVID-19 Impact Report

DDPC assisted the Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council with a legislatively required report, assessing the state’s response to COVID for people with developmental disabilities and recommendations for the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities during future public emergencies. DDPC a conducted focus groups with over 2,200 stakeholders in the developmental disability community.